Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Snack Bags from Scrap Fabric

Wow! It's been a really long time since I've posted and a while since I've spent some quality time with my sewing machine. But I'm back, for a little while. As you know, I gave up the fabric store to save some money. Well, it didn't last too long, but I am still avoiding it for the most part. My weekly trips just to browse have stopped, I only go for necessities. For example, I only went to buy some thread, velcro and a yard of nylon for a few projects.

I've been working on more snack bags. Part of the eco-friendly transition. I'm trying to rid my house of ziploc bags and wasted plastic. I have already been using a sandwich wrap for Victoria, but still needing bags for snacks and such. (We are really into picnics with the warm weather, at least twice a week!) So I made some snack bags. All using scrap fabrics I had, all I needed was some nylon. They're cute, practical and I'm already putting them to use.

Here they are. And if you want to make some of your own....here's the tutorial I followed....http://ihavetosay.typepad.com/photos/reusable_snack_bag_tutori/index.html. They are super easy and quick, I made all of these in like 2 hours time (and that's with the kids awake and R attacking the sewing machine pedal all the time). I made them in all sorts of sizes, basically whatever sized fabric I had left.

I do have a few more to make. And I have some other projects reusing my scraps in the works. Like heming up too short pants into capris and shorts for the summer and adding some fabric to too short shirts to refurbish them. We'll see how they turn out. I'm a little nervous, but I figure I'm donating the clothes anyway, so I might as well try to get use out of them.

By the way, love the knitted bunny. Too cute!!! I dont have the patience for the finishing of those sort of things. You are an inspiration.

Hopefully I'll see you soon! Laura

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally Finshed

Hi babe!

Well I have finally finished a project that I started a year ago FEBRUARY! What a slacker! Well, I hate seaming. And toys are all seaming. So at least she is done. She is mighty cute. Right?

I also finished this bear for the Mother Bear Project. I dropped him off at Lovely Yarn in Hamden, MD. My sister Emily and I spent the day there. Cute shop, lovely staff. Obviously, I need to work on my embroidery skills.

I was going to post more, but the sun just came out. Off to my porch with a book.
Miss you tons!

PS. Have you noticed that my pics are looking better? Thank Brian, thats all him :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Spring!

Hi Laura!

I was doing a little SPRING cleaning at my parents a few weekends ago and I came across a latch hook kit I brought maybe seven or eight years ago. I bought it with the intention of making for a friends wife who was pregnant. Well, I guess I never finished it. When I found buried in my old room about a third was complete. I thought about just pitching it. What would I do with a Winnie the Pooh wall hanging besides "gift" it to you? :) Ha! You would of hung me from my toes!

I felt a little eco-guilt about trashing it. It's all plastic!!!! So I finished it. It took most of a long rainy weekend on the floor in my living room watching a That 70's Show marathon, but I finally finished it a few days later.

As I was packing it up, my husband asked what my plans were for the yarn monstrosity which had been consuming the living room floor for the better part of week. And in the way he asked I could tell that he had become attached to it (he hooked 4 times). So here it stays, at my new house, until I find a reason to use it (not any time soon) or my sister has kids. Its cute right?

My friend Amy and I made these Easter/SPRING baskets from Moda


It was fun to do something besides knitting. Although I have to admit that my hand sewing is not what it use to be, so I cheated and used hot glue. Well, my hot glue skills are not what they use to be either and the baskets kinda suck. I am pretty sure it was me and not the pattern ;)

I have done plenty more, a lot of clean up and few simple things are on tap for Mothers Day and someones 1st birthday. I wonder who?

More later, craft'in sister!


PS. The sock saga still rages on and on and on.