Friday, October 23, 2009

One for you, one for me


I was in the Target this afternoon, where I found the ultimate guide to COOKIE EXCHANGES! It was a pretty awesome book. They also had these kits with invitations, title cards, and recipe cards. It was pretty impressive. I found it to be very inspiring. Would anyone out there be interested in participating in a cookie exchange? The only thing is the holidays get so overwhelming, I am trying to be better about over scheduling. Perhaps we could do something for the New Year or Valentines Day? Thoughts on spreading the love and calories through out the year?


Check out the book here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cha, Cha Charity Crafting

Hi Laura,

This post is all about my recent charity efforts, as I feel very fortunate to have all of the wonderful things that I do. I am talking about the basics: a job, a warm house, clothes, food, family and friends and even my crafts.


As you know my little sister spent some time at Hopkins Children's Center this year and they took such good care of her that I wanted to give something back. I found a charity group on Raverly dedicated to the Hopkins Children's Center and this Halloween they were collecting fun caps for the kids in oncology. I am assuming they will use them for Halloween dress-up/trick-or-treating as they are immune compromised and can't leave the hospital. I sent these great hats off yesterday. I hope they will enjoy!

I would like to send my first shout to Janice for donating all of that Fun Fur yarn. It was really generous of you. Thanks for being such a supportive friend!

Now as you view the pics please remember that I am not a photographer and my camera has way too many buttons! However, I am sure my photography skills will improve as we approach my World Cup trip to South Africa where we will go on safari!!!!

Project 2: CRAFT HOPE

I am also a big fan of They do a lot of really great work. In several mediums including sewing and knitting. I participated in Project 3, where I knitted a few hats and sewed a few simple quilts; which were shipped off to African orphanages.

For Project 5 they are partnering with to gather warm quilts for homeless children in Michigan. As you can imagine the need this winter will be great, considering the economic climate in Detroit. I have a few simple quilts (1+ yard of cotton fabric, 1+ yard of cotton flannel sandwiched with batting in the middle and hand tied through-out)that just need to be finished and then I will ship those off! If you (or anyone else out there) has some extra fabric (which we all do ;), please check out They really need all the help they can get this winter. I will post a few pics once my blankets are done.

You have inspired me to get going on my Christmas Crafting... more about that next time!

Miss you!


Monday Night was a Success

As I previously posted, I had plans to have a fellow Moms Club friend come over Monday night and craft. I thought for sure I was going to just crash after another long day of canning, but I got a second wind just in time. Three hours later I finished a bag for V. I used the fabric I had purchased during the clearance sale. It's perfect for when we head to R's physical therapy or in the car. It's her little "keep her busy" bag. She loves it!

While I didn't have time to work on any other projects that night, I squeezed in a little sewing time this morning. And completed an art apron/smock for an upcoming birthday party. We're going to Claire's 2nd birthday party this weekend. Personally, I thnk it's adorable. I was going to add some art supples, like crayons, playdough, coloring books to the pocket and wrap it up for her. I'm hoping to complete another little something for her, but we'll see how much energy I have this evening.

Next on the list of to dos - getting back to work on V's christmas gift - the fabric dollhouse. I also need to think of something to make for R and I'm hoping to pick out some yarn for make winter hats for the two of them. I'm getting so excited about all the craft time!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

While Greg is Away, Laura Will Play

This week has been crazy! With Greg being out of town, and little R teething, I've had little time to do much of anything. Fortunately, I have some great help with fellow mommies here and they've rescued me by coming over yesterday for all day applesauce making. I think I was in over my head with 8 bushels, 4 1/2 of which are still laying on my sofa for more canning today. But it was great having some companionship and playmates for V.

Anyways, to my crafting excitement. Greg is gone yet another week, so I have lots of free time in the evening once the kids fall asleep, so I'm determined to work on some projects. And I have a friend coming over Monday evening to craft with me! (I really wish you were closer and could join. We need to plan a November get together.) This is my to do list - I know it's a little ambitious - but I have to think big!
I saw these and thought this would be super cute for V for church or car rides. You had mentioned in your previous post I should make some bags and so I searched and saw these cute monogramed ones and fell in love!
There's also the fabric dollhouse that I'm hoping to get done for V for Christmas. I already started to make it and had to start over due to some sewing mishaps! I haven't had the confidence to try to start over yet. Maybe this week I will.
I've had this on my to do list too. I was thinking of it for an upcoming birthday gift, and fill it with art supplies like crayons and playdo. I dont think I'd be able to do all the detailing, but I could use the basic look - long sleeved and all.

I'll post back mid-week with some updates on my projects! I'm just hoping to get fabric at least cut out :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Sew many things and so little time


Wow! Our first posts! This is so cool!

I knew about those sales, so I purposefully stayed out of craft stores ;) Its funny that you should ask today what to do with impulse fabric, I think you should make a few simple draw string bags as see in WEEKEND SEWING by Heather Ross. They could be used for project bags or for travel, just to throw stuff in for the kids. That is what I am planning to do with my impulse fabric.

She also has a pattern for a cute make-up bag, check book cover, and slippers. And kids stuff too! I will bring my book next time I see you, but in the mean time check out the flicker group Just to wet your whistle.

I have been a busy crafting bee this weekend. I promise to post tales and pics soon!


Bargain sales ruin me!

You know how I love great bargains and great sales, especially at the fabric store. I completely forgot it was a holiday weekend. And you know holiday weekend means great sales! I stopped into JoAnn Fabrics in search of some more scrapbooking tape and I was thrilled to see all the 50% off sales inside. I tried to be good. I have promised myself not to buy any more fabric or crafts until I use up what I have (my craft closet is overflowing!). But, like any other craft addict, I caved. I was drawn over to the remnant rack in the quilting section and couldn't resist picking up a few yards of fabric that was on clearance. For those who don't know about the remnant sales, it's 50% off the regular price and then another 50% off the sale price. Basically awesome! So I picked up a couple yards of fabrics for $1.50/yard, when it's usually $5.99/yard and up. YAY! Now, what to do with my new finds?