Saturday, October 17, 2009

While Greg is Away, Laura Will Play

This week has been crazy! With Greg being out of town, and little R teething, I've had little time to do much of anything. Fortunately, I have some great help with fellow mommies here and they've rescued me by coming over yesterday for all day applesauce making. I think I was in over my head with 8 bushels, 4 1/2 of which are still laying on my sofa for more canning today. But it was great having some companionship and playmates for V.

Anyways, to my crafting excitement. Greg is gone yet another week, so I have lots of free time in the evening once the kids fall asleep, so I'm determined to work on some projects. And I have a friend coming over Monday evening to craft with me! (I really wish you were closer and could join. We need to plan a November get together.) This is my to do list - I know it's a little ambitious - but I have to think big!
I saw these and thought this would be super cute for V for church or car rides. You had mentioned in your previous post I should make some bags and so I searched and saw these cute monogramed ones and fell in love!
There's also the fabric dollhouse that I'm hoping to get done for V for Christmas. I already started to make it and had to start over due to some sewing mishaps! I haven't had the confidence to try to start over yet. Maybe this week I will.
I've had this on my to do list too. I was thinking of it for an upcoming birthday gift, and fill it with art supplies like crayons and playdo. I dont think I'd be able to do all the detailing, but I could use the basic look - long sleeved and all.

I'll post back mid-week with some updates on my projects! I'm just hoping to get fabric at least cut out :)


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