Friday, October 23, 2009

One for you, one for me


I was in the Target this afternoon, where I found the ultimate guide to COOKIE EXCHANGES! It was a pretty awesome book. They also had these kits with invitations, title cards, and recipe cards. It was pretty impressive. I found it to be very inspiring. Would anyone out there be interested in participating in a cookie exchange? The only thing is the holidays get so overwhelming, I am trying to be better about over scheduling. Perhaps we could do something for the New Year or Valentines Day? Thoughts on spreading the love and calories through out the year?


Check out the book here:

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  1. Kate, I love the idea, especially valentines day. I think we should plan to have a get together and cookie exchange around v-day. It's a great way to celebrate and share with the ones you love! Laura (I didn't know if I should just comment like this or post a response, since I didn't have any new crafts or ideas to share at this point)