Monday, November 2, 2009

Another purse! And more projects to come.

I have been avoiding doing projects that would actually benefit me, like holiday gifts, and instead made yet another purse. Atleast I'm using up fabric and sewing scraps. I'm determined to down size some of my craft supply before buying more. I love crafting, but I don't want to be wasteful.

Remember Sarah's little bag she had at the homecoming parade? I loved the idea of a little bag that I can just throw my wallet, phone and key in and then toss in my diaper bag. So I copied her idea and made one! I wish it was just a tiny bit bigger, but other than that, I love it!

Now this week, I really am going to start on some much needed projects, including another 2 year old birthday gift and some holiday gifts.

I'm also excited about my upcoming Mom's Club project to make no-sew fleece blankets for Project Linus. I stocked up on some fleece when it was 60% off a couple weeks ago. I found some really cute fleece patterns. I have two dates this month when the Mom's Club will be coming over with the little ones to help finish the blankets. I love a reason to craft and to give back. I hope all the little helpers and hands won't be too crazy!

More to come soon,

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  1. Wow...This purse looks cool. The give away look is so cute. Wish If I could buy the same for my Girl friend.