Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm back, but a little behind.

Hi Laura,
I am sorry its been so long since I have written. This summer was very busy with lots and lots of travel! My husband and I traveled to South Africa for the world cup in June for several weeks, so no crafting there. And then most of July and August were super busy getting ready for a BIG work event held in early September in St. Petersburg Russia. Since then I have one busy bee! I hope to have lots to share over the next fews weeks. But to keep you tied over until then, here are few picture of my work from before I dropped off the map to travel the map.

This is the Eloise Eyelet Cardi I made for V's 3rd birthday. I just had to make her something hand knit. I know she is three, but this girl loves her handmade. Great job!!!! She is girl after my own heart. I think next year we can get her started with her own needles and yarn!!!

This is a dragon I made for R's 1st birthday. Its from the same Knit Picks yarn his baby blanket was knitted out of. The original pattern name was Norberta, but I like to call him Norm. It seems slightly more masculin, but only slightly so.

Man I must your kids! They are both too cute!!!!

I have more pictures, but they are stuck on the camera. I hope to post again this week.

I know you have been a busy bee too. What are you up to?