Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday Night was a Success

As I previously posted, I had plans to have a fellow Moms Club friend come over Monday night and craft. I thought for sure I was going to just crash after another long day of canning, but I got a second wind just in time. Three hours later I finished a bag for V. I used the fabric I had purchased during the clearance sale. It's perfect for when we head to R's physical therapy or in the car. It's her little "keep her busy" bag. She loves it!

While I didn't have time to work on any other projects that night, I squeezed in a little sewing time this morning. And completed an art apron/smock for an upcoming birthday party. We're going to Claire's 2nd birthday party this weekend. Personally, I thnk it's adorable. I was going to add some art supples, like crayons, playdough, coloring books to the pocket and wrap it up for her. I'm hoping to complete another little something for her, but we'll see how much energy I have this evening.

Next on the list of to dos - getting back to work on V's christmas gift - the fabric dollhouse. I also need to think of something to make for R and I'm hoping to pick out some yarn for make winter hats for the two of them. I'm getting so excited about all the craft time!



  1. I am glad you are finding your own craft time! You are so talented. The bag and the apron are both adorable. Perfect for little girls!

  2. well dang it i read this the day before her party so i ruined the surprise. i'm going to lie and tell claire i made it for her..HAHAHAHA. Heck, she wouldn't believe me anyway. All you art sisters are such great friends AND I get to reap the benefits! LOVE IT!