Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas Clean Up

Hi Laura,
So I think I can finally post a few Christmas gifts I made. Sorry its been so long. Life got in the way. Gosh that makes me feel old.

I made this pillow with a book pocket for R. I know it's a little big, but he will grow into it.
I made this Heart on a String hat from It was really quick and fun! I hope it keeps M. little head warm!

This was for my knitting friend, she is a regular friend too, but we mostly knit. Feather and fan pattern in a mystery yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Put it on your calendars people!

All the little girls, got doll blankets this year. It was the perfect year. Just two fat quarters and a little batting with a quick hand tie.

Thanks all for now. Until spring comes!
Miss you!

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  1. I know V loves her little doll blanket!!! She uses it as much for herself as her doll which is pretty silly considering the size of it. And R's pillow is so cute!! Although he hasn't figure out to store his book in it, the kids think it's cool that Miss Kate (a.k.a. "lady who made the green sweater" as V likes to call you) made it for them. Thanks so much for your crafty gifts!