Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow, horses and someone elses crafts

Dear Laura,

I realized the other day that you would think with all this snow I would have lots to show off. Well I don't. Its sad and embarrassing really. The thing is I got so busy doing snow things, that I was (get this) to tired to craft! I know its crazy, but what can a girl do?
Let me tell you what a girl can do, she can provide pictures of her friends crafts.
I am sorry the pics are poor, my camera and I are working on our relationship. As you can tell we might need professional help.

These items are for charity. I sent a box of machine made sweaters (and a handmade cowl) to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Their group on Ravelry is currently doing a collection for babies, toddles, children and adults. So pretty much everyone. I sent another package with the hats and bibs went to their OB ward for the babies. I am working on another package with toddler items- see this is me trying to redeem myself.

Here are Amy's projects: a cute white sweater and matching bib.
And a few cute hats. The tiny one will be sent to JHU for their NICU hat drive via Ravelry in March and April.

The Adult Cowl, I made from some left over Lion Brand Woolease. In grey. You can find the pattern here:

I also sent along the little blue hat from my last post and the brown bib.

I do have pictures from my parents house after the second snow. The horse is my aunts. He is very pretty from rolling in the snow. Oh, there is nothing better than horses in the snow. My sister, E, wanted to knit them all legging so they would be warm. I told her to go right ahead. Lets see what she comes up with ;-)

I have lots more to post, once I get some decent pictures. If you (or anyone) has any questions or would like to participate in one of charity efforts, please let me know.

P.S. The sock and I need professional therapy. This I know for sure. We are going tomorrow. I am sure we will experience progess.

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