Friday, February 5, 2010

Eco-friendly Craft Mission

I don't truly make new years resolutions, since I don't want to disappoint myself mid way through the year, but I did tell myself that this year I would continue my mission to green my home with more eco-friendly projects and healthier foods. I also decided that I would limit my craft spending and focus on creating projects from my bins full of fabric and other crafting accessories.

I've started to follow through with these goals with a few projects completed. I already feel a little better inside :)

Crochet Dish Scrubber/Tawashi
The motivation behind the crochet dish scrubber actually came while I was in Florida. One day, we hit up the pool and there were a couple of women knitting. I noticed one was knitting dish scrubbers and chatted a little with her. I thought, awesome, this will be a perfect quick project to use up some of the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn I've had sitting around. I came home and searched the internet and found this one for crocheting - It looked simple enough and I was right. I completed 2 in the time it took us to watch Snow White (our quiet time for the day since we had windows being installed in the nursery).

So I've used up some of my scrap yarn and now all I have to do is wash and toss in the laundry. No more yucky sponges for me!

Hairbows Holder
I've been making hairbows with a fellow MOMS Club member during nightly craft nights we have every once in a while. I love making hairbows, however, my lovely daughter does not enjoy wearing them as much as I'd like. So I have stopped making them for now, but I saw an adorable way to display them -

I used an old picture frame I had, painted it white, hot glued some scrap ribbons I had vertically across the frame and all I had to do was clip the hairbows on. (Mine isn't as cute as the sample, but it works!) It's cute, it's easy and it's done.

Cloth Wipes
When I was pregnant with my first, you know I was eager to be the perfect mom, and provide only the best for my kids. I thought cloth diapering would be the answer. Unfortunately for me, it became overwhelming and more of a problem. I still vow that I will return to cloth diapers, one day. (For now I'm focusing on getting one kid out of diapers and using the potty!) So instead of dwelling on my cloth diaper failures, I've picked up a new goal - using cloth wipes. I thought this might be an easier way to step into the cloth diapering world. And it's a great way to use up scraps of fabric. I happen to have scraps of flannel from a blanket I made R and from pajama pants I just cut off to become shorts/capris.

 It's as simple as cutting squares and sewing up the edges. And they are supposed to fit perfectly into a wipe container! All I need next is to make up a homemade liquid or just use water. My goal is to complete these during our snow in!

So look at me, I've completed a few projects, without spending any extra money at the fabric store! And hopefully they'll help me green my home just a little bit! :)

More to come,

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