Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inspiration. What else are friends for?

Your post last week provided a lot of sewing motivation. You are an endless source of inspiration. So much so that, I made a version of V's red and green skirt for a little girl who is turning 3 this week. I think she will love it. You were right, it was super easy. My only regret was not adding the ribbon at the bottom. I had this wonderful purple ribbon to match, what I did not have was purple thread. Maybe I should buy one of those large assortments of thread which includes every color under the sun for situations like this? I will think about it again when I get the next Joanne's coupon......ummm shopping.

Check this out... if you look at the top of the skirt you will see a lable with my name on it. My other wonderfully crafty friend, Amy, gave me these for Christmas. They are so cute! Thanks again Amy!

Last weekend we celebrated my Grandmother's 95th birthday. My sister E and I made a coconut cake from SCRATCH! I grated an entire coconut by hand. Impressive right?

I also whipped up this little gift made from Cascade 220 chunky baby alpaca. Just CO 65 stitches, join and knit and until you run out of yarn or it fits over your head and neck so that the snow can't get in. I thought she would like something to cover her hair and neck without all of the fuss of a hat and scarf. I think she really liked it. It took a while to think of something for a 95 year old who has everything.

Hope you are busy crafting too!

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