Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend of Little Girl Sewing

I'm LOVING the One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. Besides the awesome rocket you made for R's baptism gift, I have successfully completed three adorable outfits for V! Thanks so much for helping me pick out fabric at JoAnns. It motivated me to get sewing! Greg had a long weekend off work for the holiday, so I didn't feel guilty leaving him with the little ones while I had some one-on-one time with my beloved sewing machine.

First on the list was the "Pleated Girly Skirt" with the adorable ladybug fabric. It was the easiest and quickest to make. But I do think the pleats do some wierd things when she's walking around in it.

Next up, the "Ballet-Neck Toddler Dress". I just love this style of dress. This one took the longest and was the strangest instructions. I'm still not sure I completed it correctly, but hey, it's still adorable. I love love love the polka dots with little hearts and the mis-matched trims. V already favors it over the other outfits. :)

Finally the "All-Ages Classic Jumper". This one I must have miss measured at first because it could have fit around me! But that was easy to fix, you can always make something smaller. I love this jumper because you can wear it for years, first as a dress, then as a cute shirt when it gets too short.

Overall, a successful weekend with not too many redos. I think I have increased my confidence on the sewing machine. I have the One-Yard Wonders book for another 2 weeks from the library so I'm thinking I might try one of the adult tops. We shall see if any fabric inspires me!


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  1. Sorry about the awkward instructions on the Ballet Neck Toddler dress. So Glad that your daughter likes it though!